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The Mineral Wells Church of God is founded upon the principles of Protestantism and we stand firmly for justification by faith, the priesthood of believers, the authority of the Bible, religious freedom, and the separation of church and state.

  We subscribe to the following five foundational Christian doctrines:

  1. The inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible.
  2. The virgin birth and complete deity of Christ.
  3. The atoning sacrifice of Christ's death for the sins of the world.
  4. The literal resurrection of the body.
  5. Christ's second coming in bodily form to earth.

Generation Ignite

Generation Ignite Youth Ministries

Come catch the fire with Generation Ignite Youth Ministries. "This is the generation that will seek my face", Psalm 24:6 Read more...

Praise and Worship

Praise & Worship is an intrical part of ministry at the Mineral Wells Church of God. I truly believe that Praise invites the Holy Spirit into our presence and Worship ushers Him in. Read more...

Zero Gravity Children's Ministry

Led by children's pastors Taylor and Kaitlyn Mahaney, Zero Gravity Kid's Church meets every Sunday at 10:30am in the gym annex!. Read more...

What Do We Believe

The Mineral Wells Church of God believes the whole Bible to be completely and equally inspired and that it is the written Word of God. We have adopted the following Declaration of Faith as its standard and official expression of its doctrine. Read more...
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  • What Does It Mean To Be "Pentecostal"?

    The Mineral Well Church of God is affiliated with the Church of God of Cleveland Tennessee. In 1896, many members of the Church of God experienced a spiritual outpouring they identified as the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Because it was so similar to the experience of the early Christians on the day of Pentecost, it came to be called a Pentecostal experience, an enrichment of the Christian life through the power of the Holy Spirit that empowered believers to be effective witnesses of Christ. The principle distinctive of the Church of God as a Pentecostal organization is its belief in speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance and that this is the initial evidence of the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

  • What is The Meaning of "Charismatic"?

    The charismata (Gk.) or gifts of the Spirit appeared early in the life and ministry of the Church of God. The gifts can be divided into three categories: the gifts of revelation, the gifts of power and the gifts of utterance or inspiration. The gifts of revelation are the gifts of the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge and the discerning of spirits. The gifts of power are faith, miracles, and gifts of healing. The gifts of utterance and inspiration are prophecy, tongues and interpretation. The Holy Spirit bestows these gifts and those who accept the validity of these gifts are called charismatic.

  • What Does It Mean To Be "Evangelistic"?

    From its inception the Church of God has been a revival movement. Evangelism has been in the forefront of all its activities. The church has maintained an aggressive effort to take the message of Christ throughout the world by all means and methods. Every program of the church reflects an evangelistic attitude: revivalism, conferences, worship services, teaching, preaching and its missionary efforts.

Service Times

Sunday Services
Breakfast          9:00
Sunday School: 9:45am
Morning Worship: 10:30am
Evening Service: 6:00pm

Wednesday Services

Bible Study: 7:00pm
Boys Club: 7:00pm
Girls Club: 7:00pm
Youth Class: 7:00pm


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